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Thread: Sewing Machine Recommendations

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    Sewing Machine Recommendations

    Since I'm moving to England and will no longer have access to my mothers sewing machine I was wondering if you ladies could help me out with sewing machine recommendations. The only machine I've ever used and am familiar with using is really, really old (my mom got it when she was 16). So, the new computerized ones make me a little bit nervous but I'm up for learning how to use them! I was looking for something that can do straight sewing, free style quilting, and applique (manual or automatic).

    I was looking at the Brother SE-400, but it's a bit out of my price range. I'm just dreaming about automatic embroidery!

    I'm somewhere between beginner and intermediate. I've done btw 3-5 sewing projects a year for the past couple of years. Curtains, quilts, pillow shams, appliques on onesies, and that sort of thing. I've never attempted any tailoring. Right now, I'm working on transforming an old white queen size flannel sheet into a dozen or so burp cloths and the thought of being able to embroider cute stuff on them is just tantalizing!

    Do any of you use the Brother brand? Is it reliable? Are their other brands you would recommend? Would that machine be too much for someone of my level to handle? Is there a different machine you think would be more appropriate?

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    brother cp7500. great intermediate machine. sturdy, easy to use, rather extensive functionality sans embroidery.

    PS I have the SE-400, which I got as an upgrade and i LOVE it. It's a wonderful machine, and it sits like a rock on the table. The embroidery function is wonderful. I love the autocut feature as well.
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    The newer machines don't last as long. they will last a year to a few years depending on how much you use them. I used to sew like a freaking TON and my tried and true singer went to the big blue sewing table in the sky recently. I was sewing lots of fleece dog coats though. If you want a heavy duty handle anything machine go on craigslist and find an older singer. The newer machines are great if you want the embroidery and all but if you just want to do plain sewing the old built to last workhorses are amazing.

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