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    My mom did send me a sewing machine.

    Now I need fabric and thread and patterns and experience.... lol

    Any suggestions for beginner projects or tips about buying fabric, thread, etc.????

    My mom is a quilter so I have SOME experience sewing... but she was always standing over me tell me what to do/doing all the hardest parts/etc. lol
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    If you are looking for basic projects to hone your skills on, I would recommend checking out ebay. Many times you can find cheap fabric there. Otherwise JoAnns and Hobby Lobby often run sales on fabrics. Cottons are easiest to begin with, just make sure you always wash/dry before doing your project! If you aren't trying to do clothing yet, do some searches on google for free sewing projects and patterns. Many people have tutorials and create patterns using basic rectangles to create things instead fo intricate clothing patterns. Its a good way to get some expereince, hones your skills on differnet types of stiches and prepare for the "real" thing. I started this way with "project" or "craft" style clothes for my daughter when she was a toddler. Little sundresses are easy to make and you can slowly make them more complicated. I have an internet folder full of free pattern sites and ideas. Now I go buy patterns and make the real thing too! You definitely have to learn it hands on though, much of it is by feel depending on your machine.
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    I'm from California, so when I'm in the LA area, I stop by fashion district. They have fabrics from $1/yd!! I don't like stretchy fabric because it's hard for me to sew straight. I like making aprons and skirts with elastic bands. I also make my own pillowcases because they are THE EASIEST!

    Always start with small patches of fabric--check the tension of your thread and try not to pull too much when you're sewing. It's so fun! I'm not a pattern person. I do everything by eye (which normally wastes a lot of fabric haha). Good luck and post up pictures!
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    thats cool! I wish I had the patience to do crafty things like that!

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