So I am the team captain for a relay for life team. In case anyone doesn't know that's a walk for the American Cancer Society. All of the money raised goes to the American Cancer Society to help find a cure for cancer.
My team's name is Papa's Pals. Last year was the first year we took part in this and it is in memory of my grandfather. On April 5,2005, my grandfather found out he had lung cancer but not the kind that's treatable. It was in the lining of his lungs and it had progressed pretty far along. The following day my grandmother, his wife of over 55 years, died after a 7 year long battle with Alzheimer's. So after some more tests the doctor gave my grandfather one year to live. At that news everyone said "that's not long enough we can't lose both of them in one year." Well on May 31st of 2005 which was Memorial Day my grandfather passed away. Only about 7 weeks after my grandmother. My grandfather served in the Navy and took alot of pride in his family.
So anyway last year we decided to form a team and raise money in memory of my grandfather who was the most generous man in the world. He would give you anything he had even if he had to go without. He raised my sister and I and also a few of our cousins. This is the least we can do.
So to get to the point...this year I am the captain of our team. I need some real goodd fundraising ideas. My team goal this year is 1000.00. Last year we fell just short of that so this year I am hoping to surpass it. Any ideas that we can do to raise some money. Everyone in the city is probably going to do the norm like car washes I need something better.

Thanks for all your help.