Thought I'd share a poem I wrote before Christmas Break....

Tale of Fair Maiden
December 15, 2006

Once upon a time there was a love
A love that came like magic
A love that stayed
But only for awhile
Soon it left
Just as mysteriously as it came
Two years gone
With one simple call
In this tale,
The maiden was lost--
A wanderer with no where to turn
Time went on and her heart grew closed
Not open to the new
Always finding something wrong
Loosing hope; feeling like a permanent outcast of love
Trying to move forward, while always looking back
Expecting to retie the broken strings of the past
Only to find the strings were now frayed
Always trying to move forward,
But cautiously she guarded her heart.
Then one day she met someone
But was this really Prince Charming she saw?
He seemed to get under her skin
In that pestering older brother sort of way
But there was that something
Just something about him that made her wonder
Wonder if she could be happy once again
Back and forth in her mind
A whirlwind of yes or no that always ended in “maybe”
Afraid to let her heart go
For it to be crushed once again,
She nearly closed her heart once more
Wondering if this was the right decision.
But the maiden learned that sometimes
The perfect love is not the love that seems perfect at all
But the love that takes time, effort and compromise
A maiden who had lost all hope
Who had given up
Learned to love again and leave the pain
For love after pain is sometimes the hardest (and most rewarding) love of all….