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Thread: little bit of a tom boy

  1. Esaychick
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    little bit of a tom boy

    anyone follow in my foot steps? lol im just wondering who else is a little bit wild besides me!

    i enjoy

    draging racing my camaro
    my boat
    i have a huge interest in cars i run my own body/custom shop.
    i ride a 2006 yamaha r6 (crotch rocket) and love every minute of it, although i had a wreck on one last summer.
    i love gas powered rc's ive got about 5 (cars,trucks, and stadium trucks)
    playing pool and working out.
    just so much more.

    most of my friends are guys since i fit in with them so well lol. but i still have my girlie features lol.

    anyone relate to me at all in any hobby/sport/interest? just wondering!
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    Hi. I like to play paintball.. I have a CBR900 too..

    What's the name of your bodyshop? Where's it at? Do you have a website I could look at?
  3. Esaychick
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    i live in a very small town a website is a total waste of money for us lol. no one would go to it. haha

    buy its named after my self Sky's Collision Repair and Refinising

    there isnt much to look at haha. if your wanting to see some work we have done i can post some cars we have done if you want.

    and a 900 huh? to much bike for me! lol 600 is more than enough. very cool though! what yr?
  4. Cheeseburger in Paradise
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    I've always been a bit of a tomboy, not really into girly stuff.
  5. Esaychick
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    here i was kinda bored thought id post some of our work if your interested

    this one is much prettier in real life. the white is a escalade white with a lot more sparkle. and escalades already sparkle a lot!

    yes we do rice too! this is my fav one just because its more than a body kit. we converted this to a AWD, done a full engine work over with turbo, this is a 10 second car, we are very proud of it, and its winning tons of awards. cars like this is what give us our name!

    this is my personal car, looks pretty plain jane in this pic, but therse a lot more than meets the eye. its a pretty popular car around here and very fast.

    we have repainted my boat after someone thought it would be funny to spray paint the whole thing, just used factory colors and its as good as new.

    we pretty much do everything, bikes cars trucks boats, motorhomes, rv's tailers. you name it we will do it. want something custom, we will get it done.

    anyway any questions ask.

    and anyone getting ready for snowboarding?!?! our mt. just opened up prob hit the slopes tomorrow
  6. mCubed
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    I like airsoft better than paintball (more realistic) but i can't find ayone in Bangor that will go with me

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