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Thread: creative christmas gifts?

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    creative christmas gifts?

    im a very creative person and i like making things for gifts.... i think people appriciate them more.... but i was thinking.... i have NO CLUE what i would do for my parents! i would LOVE to do something creative for them! but does anyone have ANY ideas for christmas gifts for parents?
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    maybe a scrapbook with pictures of you and your family from previous Christmases? I know lots of people who have done that and their family always loves them
  3. WhOdEyArMyGiRl
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    i was actually thinking of that for my mom but like from the time i was born until now and it would be all pictures of her and i... maybe i could do it with both of my parents.... but the problem is im coming home from college on the 8th of december and im SURE my mom will find it because scrapbooking isnt exactly an easy thing to hide.... but maybe i can figure it out... thanks!
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    Instead of a scrapbook, what about one of those multi-opening picture frames with those kinds of pics in it? You could decorate the matt and maybe put captions for the pictures on it? Or other scrapbooking stuff on it?

    They sell some at Michael's that have a TON of openings in them, or some with just a few. (I used to work for them in that department) Or, you could have someone in their framing department cut a custom mat for you. But that can start to get pricey...

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