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    You see me as a feeble cattail
    blowing in the wind
    swaying back and forth
    with no mind of it's own
    Waiting to be bent
    bent and then broken
    broken by the hand of another
    But I am not weak
    in heart or mind
    I am smart
    smart enough to learn from the past
    I have forgiven, but will never forget
    You have done neither
    and until you can see within me,
    see the strength that I contain-
    All you will ever see
    is a cattail
    ....blowing in the wind
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    you rock! You ARE strong, wonderful, amazing and smart sweety! :yeehaw
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    #3 the poem, the "you" is my mom. She isn't happy that I continue to talk to Andy and visit him when he comes home. We had a little disagreement while she was here yesterday when i said that I might go trick or treating with him and his little brother and sister. She thinks he is trying to get me back, even though we are just friends. And she thinks that I'm going to get my heart broken again.

    1) as of now, we are just friends
    2) IF i were to even think about getting back together with him, there would be a lot to talk about and work through first.

    But anyway....

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