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Thread: New Sewer...Help!

  1. ltlfoot
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    Help New Sewer...Help!

    I've gotten as far as cutting out patterns. After that, I am SO freakin' lost! lol Any suggestions? There aren't any classes that I have found (trust me, I've looked!). I'm lost. I've started like 3 projects, but can't get past the cutting. Now what?!
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    sewing for dummies is a good resource, I have picked it up at the library.. It breaks it down for you as a beginner.. Have you tried going to a sewing repair shop and asking if they know people who might be able to teach you, or even a quilters club might have some info.

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  3. ltlfoot
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    The sewing repair shop is a good idea! I think there is one about 15 minutes away. I'll try that. I'll check out the sewing for dummies book. Thanks!
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    hey! in my home econ class we started by sewing square pillows... then graduated to shaped pillows.

    I still have the deformed cat pillow I made out of ugly fabric with ugly mis match button eyes.

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    I know you said you have looked but have you probably tried a major craft store around? (JoAnns, Michale's, HobbyLobby,etc)

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