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Thread: scrap book ideas??

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    scrap book ideas??

    ok so i want to make a scrap book for DF, with his pictures from his trip to alaska when he was younger, these pictures are very importan to him cuz its some of the last photos he had taken with his grandfather be for he passed away last year, so does any one have any idea where i can get some really good scrap booking stuff like that?, i want to make it really really nice
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    I get most of my stuff at Michaels or AC Moore, but depending on where you live there are these great little scrap book specialty stores popping up all over the place. Most of the specialty places also come with really great staff that will help you find the PERFECT things for your book. And of course there is always the internet. You can probably order some cool Alaska themed scrapbook stuff from online stores. One of my favorite companies is Me and My Big Ideas.

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    any craft stores like Michael's or AC Moore have whole sections dedicated to scrapbooking... books, stickers, cut-outs, paper, markers, scissors, ETC! Plus search around local dollar stores or even drug stores... i always find random things to use. I save a lot of stuff too, like movie ticket stubs, plane tickets, flower petals, brochures.... u never know when that stuff comes in handy to decorate. It adds a special touch to include material things from the event/trip/day...and it looks great.

    good luck
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    Good luck!
    Let us know how it turns out!
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    hobby lobby is the best. you can also get coupons off their website all the time. micheals is good also

    i love to scrapbook
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    all the places that the ladies have posted are great. You can also go on ebay and find tons of scrapbooking stuff.
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    i just made DF a scrap book of our entire relationship for the last 8 years of being best friend ect...and theni did the future like the wedding people beating each other...he loved it.

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