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Thread: Account Creator Captcha is Broken

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    Account Creator Captcha is Broken

    I mentioned this in another thread, but Iím going to put it here as well to be sure it doesnít get buried or lost.

    When we all made our accounts, there was a Captcha...thing we had to do to prove we werenít bots. I clicked on the wrong thing the other day when I was signing in, and it turns out the Captcha in the account creation process is broken. Something was said about ďthis versionĒ of Captcha being out of date, and the admins of the site needing to update.

    Can we do something about that?

    It kind of defeats the purpose of having a forum if people who find it then arenít able to make the account they need to use it. This is probably why we havenít had any new members for a while.
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    Hey, I agree ... I just went to test it and I see what you mean, no good if people can't register. I will report it to QP, last time the site went down I asked if this is something ADMIN can fix but it sounds like it needs to come from her. Thanks for point it out!

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