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Thread: Is this Kosher for this forum?

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    Is this Kosher for this forum?

    Hello! I'm new to this forum and I am a new Air Force Wife. During adventures that await us when my husband goes to bootcamp, I'm going to create a program that will help military wives tackle the challenges ahead of them with happiness and resourcefulness. I have extensive experience in working with business owners in overcoming fear and handling high-stress situations and I'm using that knowledge and experience to help mikitary wives.

    Part of how I'm developing this program is via surveys. Is it ok if I post my survey link in a thread that I start? I can show you the survey so you can approve it prior to me posring it, if that would help!

    Please let me know! Thank you!

    Jennifer Robertson
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    No. It's in the rules posted somewhere. You're also not supposed to have you last name in your screen name, so you need to message a MOD to get it changed.

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    OP it is against our terms of service to post specifically for researching purposes.

    You are welcome to stick around on the boards for personal matters but not for the development of your program. The above poster is also correct, last names in screen names are prohibited. If you would like that changed you can create a private channel with staff and we can update that!


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