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Thread: 12 Days of Christmas

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    12 Days of Christmas

    DH got a baby grand piano as his Christmas present this year and told me not to get him anything else, but I really wanted him to have something to open with my family on Christmas morning, so I got him a small gift which led to me having the idea to put together 12 small gifts. I know that traditionally Christmas is the first day of the 12, but I would really like to start tomorrow and have Christmas as the last day. Since I'm not supposed to spend more money on him I am trying to put together 11 gifts that are either free or cheap. I'm planning on painting him a picture, giving him a massage, and buying him some new fishing lures, but I thought it would be nice to see what ideas you all have. Each day when I give him his gift I will also give him one of 12 notes.
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    ooo I love this, I was thinking of doing this too because DB loves Advent calendars (his mom still does the Advent calendar thing for him hahaha he's 24) and it would be cool.

    Ideas: his favorite snacks, something useful (like you said, fishing lures) like some nice smelling body wash, stuff like that. It would be fun to get a cheap Christmas stocking and put something in it each day
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    I second the snacks. DH loves Ferro Rocher so I surprise him with them every now and then. Back home there is a bakery that has cupcake sized cheesecakes and he loves those, so I'd surprise him with those every now and then as well. You could also get him body wash or cologne, I picked one out for him last Christmas and he loves it. Before he left for basic I got a pocket sized photo album. I ordered it off Amazon and put some pictures in it before he left and sent some pictures with letters. He's commented several times about how he loves it. He said he had it with him every day in basic and AIT. I could give you the link of the one I found, it's really cheap and slim and holds quite a bit of pictures.

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