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Thread: Mother's day/father's day/bdays

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    Mother's day/father's day/bdays

    Do you give/send your parents just a card or a gift as well for Mother's Day/Father's day and your parent's birthdays? I always struggle with this. When you're a kid you just color them a picture and call it good for any occasion. As I've gotten older I started giving them legit Christmas presents long ago, but still vary with the birthdays and mother/father days. I always at least send a card and call them. Occasionally I've done a gift, but have always felt that if I give my mom a gift for Mother's day that I feel obligated to then make sure I give my dad a gift as well for fathers day. Basically to keep it equal. Same for their birthdays. If I had the mentality of "don't worry about equality, just give as what comes natural" but 9 times out of 10 I will easily find something spectacular for my mother and not my dad. I have to purposely be searching for a gift when it comes to my dad, and it's usually pretty difficult.

    So basically, tell me what you usually do both for Mother's day and Father's day, as well as for each of your parents' birthdays. I'm curious.
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    Mothers/Fathers Day = card
    Birthday = gift
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    Mother's Day ~ My birthday ~ Mom's birthday - I send her flowers. She loves flowers. I also just send them to her randomly. She really loves getting flowers.

    Father's Day ~ Dad's birthday - we send a gift. Usually a gift card to a wine shop that he really likes to try new wines from. He doesn't want for anything and if he needs something, he goes and gets it. He likes trying new wines though, so the wine shop near him was a great find! They are small but I've been in and talked to them so they will let me buy a gift card over the phone and will mail it straight to him and then I send a card. We also on occasion will send a gift card to a market near where our son lives. It's an amazing store (also has a wonderful wine department) that we went to all the time when we lived there. They sell some items, especially bakery items (wonderful breads and brownies to die for!) over the internet, so if he isn't going to visit the area he can order something to be delivered.
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    I usually get my mom a little gift for moms day and a big one for her birthday. I used to get my dad and MIL gifts too but neither of them EVER use what I buy them so I'm just gonna get them cards from now on.
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    Moms/dads day - small present and card. Bdays - card and a present if I can afford it
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    For Mother's Day/Father's Day I try to do something small with a card. For all the mama's this year we're just getting a $15 gift card to their favorite stores (like my mom loves James Avery and MIL likes Bath and Body Works) and my dad is generally easy because I'll just buy him a six pack

    Birthday's I try and put more effort in on a gift but my parents never expect more than a card from us, so the standard is set pretty low which means we can't fail

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    Umm...Nothing .

    Our family isn't big on "gift giving" days.
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    I send at least a card for everything. I'm normally home around Mother's Day (cus my birthday is May 11 so.....) and spending almost $1000 to just be there, so my gift to my mother is always my presence For their birthdays I normally send a small gift. It is SERIOUSLY hard to buy something for people who have EVERYTHING. This year is my mama's 60th though so I'm renting the family a beach house for the week to celebrate...I think she deserves that after all these years of putting up with all of us.
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    I only have a mom, my dad died when I was 7. I try to at least send her a card if anything, but I really try to get her a gift for all holidays.

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    Mother's day and Mom's birthday are within a few weeks of each other so when I was living with her it would just be one big present, plus a card for each day. Now I get her a card and a small gift or gift card.

    My dad always gets a card and starbucks gift card for father's day/birthday/christmas. It's the only thing I've ever bought him that he uses so I just keep it simple
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