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Thread: Mother's day/father's day/bdays

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    We send the in-laws cards and call them, and we just Skype my parents. For all of it. Occasionally we send a gift if something perfect comes up, but our parents have very different issues that make it silly to send any of them gifts often- my parents don't like "things" and his parents love them but buy whatever they want whenever they want it. Fortunately, all any of them really wants from us is TO be remembered by us and the grands. And thank goodness, because MIL's bday is the end of April, Mother's Day in May, my mom's bday in June, Father's Day, and then my dad's bday in July. We just aren't that rich!

    ETA: the last couple of years I have written blog tributes mother's/father's day and they have been big hits.
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    I don't have parents but I always give my grandma something for her birthday. I don't remember if I do anything for Mother's Day usually? I'm sending her flowers this year though.
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    Mother's Day - Usually flowers, no gifts
    Father's Day - Small gift

    Birthdays - Gifts
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    Mother's Day & Father's Day I do cards and on birthday's I do gifts.
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    I send flowers to my mom on Mother's Day, I usually send a text to my dad on Father's Day, he kind of ruined the relationship. On birthdays I call and usually send my mom something.

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    Nothing because I forget and I am a frankly terrible daughter as far as gift giving goes. To be fair last year we went to Puerto Rico together (for my graduation but she was my travel buddy so she was happy!) and this year I got her a necklace (pearls) but it wasn't planned. It was a happy accident.
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