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  • Other... because someone will feel that "neutral" doesn't reflect their true intent

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Thread: Valentine's Day: Love it? Hate it? Neutral? (and Why)

  1. Travel Junkie
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    I like it just fine as a holiday, but I wouldn't say I love it. I wouldn't say I hate it, either.
    At least DB remembers Valentines Day. We don't make a huge deal about it. I gag if he showed up with balloons and a limo or anything like that! But I loved the 18 long stem roses he had delivered to me when he was deployed. That was just sweet.
  2. I'm so much cooler online
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    I'm neutral. Our anniversary of our first date is Feb 9. So we choose to celebrate that day instead. It means more to us and the restaurants tend to be less crowded We do occasionally swap cards on Valentines day just because. I don't know why. Last year DH was deployed a few days before our anniversary. So before he left he hid a letter for me to find for Valentines day. He said I wouldn't expect it on Valentines day as much as I would on our anniversary. So he wanted to surprise me. If the holiday was abolished it wouldn't affect us, but I don't have a problem with it
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    I've been neutral on it, on average.

    I've been single every single Valentine's Day except this one, so there have been years where I absolutely despised it. But once I realized it didn't matter, I was fine with it. My single girl friends and I had movie marathons or went out with each other to celebrate singlehood. It was always fun! Sure, I always wished I had someone to spend it with, but I was also comfortable with myself a lot of the time, and always did something anyway.

    It's ironic this year, This is the first year I've ever actually had an SO on Valentine's Day. And, of course, I won't actually be spending it with him since he's deployed. -_- Oh well!
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