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Thread: Is it Christmas yet?

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    Suspicious Is it Christmas yet?


    Is it Christmas yet?
    I finished my shopping a week ago, and my parents are coming to visit, and I have all these great recipes to make for Christmas dinner. And I'm getting impatient

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    i cant waaaaiitttt for christmas!! best day of the year.
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    You can cook the recipes and eat what you make to be sure that they are perfect for the holidays! TAKEN AT NISQUALLY WILDLIFE PRESERVE
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    I knwwwwwwww. DH and I are not big on celebrating anything but I make us stockings every year. Last year he got home from deployment late Christmas night, so we waited a few days for everything. This time, he's here, in our house, and the stockings aren't quite done but every night I want to open them
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    I cant wait!!! I will be off of work early on Christmas eve and I am making chex mix for my family as gifts that night since no one wants anything really but I know they love chex mix. and I am excited to finally have some family time after being alone for over 2 weeks!!! I just got one more day off then 5 days left of work then CHRISTMAS!!!!
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    I'm really excited too but I have tons to do in the meantime. Not quite ready! I really hope my mom's gift arrives in time, online shopping is scary around Christmas!
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    I get super impatient for Christmas every year! This year its just DH and me, no family, so its making me even MORE excited because the short time off work I have will be relaxing and with him.

    Also I want to open presents!

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