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Thread: Christmas Dinner

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    Jump for Joy Christmas Dinner

    What are you planning on for Christmas Dinner this year?

    I was thinking Chicken Wild Rice Soup (I posted the recipe the other day), Rosemary Bread with Brie cheese, Stuffed zucchini, and ____________. I haven't found a good main course....
    For dessert, I'm trying to decide between pound cake and gingerbread cheesecake.

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    Husband is looking forward to cooking his first ham...we'll also have Mac and cheese, probably a salad...not sure what else.
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    My aunt has hosted thanksgiving dinner every year since I can remember and everyone has the exact same responsibilities every year. So we will be having turkey, roast beef, regular stuffing, mushroom stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, green beans, asparagus, "nana" carrots, "nana" bread, carrot cake, my mom's chocolate cake, and ice cream. Oh and my uncle J will bring a big shrimp platter for people to snack on. And of course my parents will supply the wine...and LOTS of it!!
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    I did a big Thanksgiving and I really don't think I am going to do anything big for Christmas. Christmas eve DH and I are going to Benihana for me to use my birthday certificate, looking forward to that.
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    we always have the shittiest dry ham you'll ever taste! every year you think it's the most dry it's ever been, but then next year rolls around and you're like "wow ham, you've really outdone yourself."
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    I'm thinking of something other than turkey or ham. Maybe prime rib. Other than that it'll be Mac n cheese, broccoli, stuffing, deviled eggs, Christmas cookies, and some other stuff I'm not sure of yet.
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    I don't think we are cooking anything. I'm pretty sure we are just going to take a trip to Cappadocia. I figure Aria isnt old enough to understand Santa yet so she wont really care if we are home or not this year. DH and I both have 5 days off so we want to take advantage of it! Depending on the weather I want to take a hot air balloon ride

    Hot Air Ballooning in Cappadocia, Turkey
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    I think we're doing duck with orange sauce. It's probably gonna just be me and DH so we don't want to do ham or turkey. I think we're also gonna do mashed potatoes and some sort of vegetable. For dessert we'll probably have cookies.
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    We are going home to Jersey for Christmas, so I'm not sure yet. We will be having two Christmas dinners because my parents and DH's parents live 10 minutes from each other. DH's parents will have dinner around 1pm and my parents around 6:30pm, so we are good. I can't wait!

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    I'm going to have a bunch of seafood.
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