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Thread: Kindle Accessories?

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    Kindle Accessories?

    So, my Christmas plan for MIL fell through, and I'm scrambling to think of another idea.

    She has a kindle (Fire, I think...), are there any accessories for the kindle that would make a good gift?
    Or do you have any other good ideas for her?


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    i have a cool cover for my (older) kindle. it has a light that slips out so i can read in the dark. i use it often.
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    I like my case for the kindle too. It protects the screen and it also has a foldy bit that turns into a kickstand.

    Maybe you could also get her an amazon certificate so she can buy books for it?
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    I like the idea of an Amazon GC, with a note that you hope she finds some great books for her Kindle.

    A case is a good idea, but only if you know she doesn't have one. My old Kindle's case had a "kickstand" like Tojai mentions so I could stand it up, tilted back at a good angle for seeing the screen, and read, which was nice for airplanes and stuff. My new case doesn't have that and I miss it a bit.

    To get a case though, you'd need to know for sure which Kindle she has as they are different sizes. If it's the Fire or Paperwhite, it has a built in light, so she wouldn't need that.
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