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Thread: S/O Christmas Lists (adult version)

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    S/O Christmas Lists (adult version)

    2 Part Question.

    How, if at all, do you let your family know what you want for Christmas?

    What do you want this year?

    For us, I have an Amazon wish list called "ideas for birthdays, christmas, or just because" that gets sent to my parents and DH's parents (and his sister because she asks for it). My relatives still usually ask my mom what they should give me, and this way, she has an idea of what I'm eyeing.

    This yea, the big things we're hoping for are deck chairs ('cause we'll finally have a deck!) and a sewing machine. (ok, so DH doesn't care about the sewing machine...)

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    I either let them guess or ask me. Sometimes I initiate the conversation by asking them if there's anything special they want this year, and then that can prompt them to ask me too. If they don't I figure either they aren't ready to plan yet or they already have something specific in mind.

    This year I want some pieces from Tiffany, a new laptop (I think DH might have already got it for me though), some PJs, maybe some candles, and some souvenir Starbucks mugs. I haven't really put together a list yet.
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    I normally don't really tell anyone what I want unless I'm directly asked.

    This year, I'd like our house to be finished, to have DSD here for Christmas and to get a set of chatterblocks for our mantle

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    I don't really say I want/need anything to my family, honestly I'll just mention something that I think is completely irrelevant and then boom. Christmas present... Or birthday or whatever

    Like for instance, this year my Keurig died. It finally bit the dust and now I'm over here all sad panda because we had to go back to the old school coffee pot. My nana dropped a hint to me that her and my mom will probably be going in halves to get me a new one which I'm totally fine with, I want my Keurig back!!!

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    DH and I have Amazon wishlists, but they're more for each other. I think my parents have found it once or twice and gotten me some stuff off of it.

    I was just talking to my mom yesterday about how DH and I want to go get a new washer and dryer because of Home Depot's sale right now. Next thing I know, we had an e-mail from her saying "Merry Christmas!" and there was a Home Depot giftcard in DH's inbox :p Woooo!
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    I never tell anyone what I want because I never know what I want...well except for a horse but that's gonna be a while.

    This year all I want is to be able to afford Christmas and Kaitlyn's birthday....little brats made the end of the year a rough one

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    People will ask. But since I have kids no one really buys me shit.

    What I WANT is new living room furniture but I am buying that myself soon. And a new dining room table.

    And id like to Skype DH because he won't be home but I don't think that'll happen.
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    My mom says "What do you want for Christmas?" and I say "Mom, after 29 years, you still haven't learned that I don't do Christmas lists?" and then she sends me gift cards.
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    I have a pintrest I tell them to go look there or go gift card .

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    It makes me uncomfortable to give people a list but my MIL asks us for one every year. I know my parents would appreciate the help too.

    So far I was thinking PJs, a simple pair of gold or white gold stud earrings, Kindle gift card, a cute wallet... I'll probably start pinning stuff if I get an idea.
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