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Thread: Christmas Lists! (Kids version)

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    Christmas Lists! (Kids version)

    I'm really into Christmas this year... more than any other years so bare with me. I can't contain myself.

    What is on your kid's Christmas present list so far? Whether you've written it up or things they've asked for that they will be getting, lets see it!

    Mickey Activity Table

    Laugh & Learn Crawl Around Car (this is really if we have enough money left )

    Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Fly n' Slide

    Mickey Slippers

    Vtech Kidibeats Drum Set

    Vtech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Train Station

    Mickey Mouse Story Blocks

    ...can you tell he likes Mickey?

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    Dd doesn't set the bar very high, all she wants for Christmas is a piggy bank which is an upgrade from her list last year which consisted of a cupcake. So mil got her a piggy bank and I got her a few smaller items like two plush my little ponies, a kids digital camera since she loves using our camera and a Mulan dress up costume.

    Ds is getting a locks and latches board, a toy story chair and a Mickey road rally mat that comes with some Mickey character cars.

    Also about a month ago I scored a big play kitchen on craigslist with a bunch of food and pots and pans so that is going to be their big shared present that they will both love. Can't wait for them to see it!
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    David seriously does not need more toys (he has an entire playroom full plus two or three giant storage tubs in storage) so I'm stumped. I wanted to ask grandparents for annual memberships to the zoo, childrens museum, or the aquarium but my grandma is really into having a "physical" present so I'm thinking that's out (though I'm sure he would enjoy those all much longer than the 20 minutes he would enjoy any toy).

    So anyway, we have no clue
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    I got my nieces
    Arts and craft supplies (and maybe a cute apron if I can find one) for the 4 year old
    And the Llama Llama board book set for the 1 year old

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    We have a rule in our house....4 gifts. 1 from mom, one dad, one brother, one santa. They don't get many gifts during the year, so, they are nice. We have older kids too.

    when they where babies or under 2, it was one gift per age.

    my oldest wants a, we are going to hrlp him out. Youngest, puzzles and small toys.
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    Aubs already has a TON of toys So we really don't want to clutter up more than we already have. We'll probably be getting her a couple of small toys from her Amazon wishlist and leaving it at that Something that's either 1) educational or 2) helps her develop motor skills.

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    For Christmas this year LM is getting:

    The retro play kitchen from Costco
    A little kids plastic shopping cart
    A carter's dress with tights
    A Tupperware kids bowl/cookie cutter/baking mat set for helping me in the kitchen
    A Unicorn on a stick (instead of a horse )

    That is all she gets on christmas day from us.

    A Carter's fleece set of christmas pjs, little coin purse, finger polish she will get Christmas Eve morning in her stocking.

    She has more gifts from her grandparents, great grandparents, great grandparents, and aunts and uncles. We also do the 12 days of Christmas so she has 12 little gifts she gets in her stocking from the day after to Jan. 6 which is 3 Kings. For those she is getting (crayons, coloring book, regular toothbrush, toothpaste, little army lego guys, socks, leggings, electric toothbrush, chapstick, & a book)

    She also has a whole slew of Birthday gifts she will be getting the week before since she turns 2 Dec.13.
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    Jackson has a bday 12 days before so i have to buy twice for him For Christmas he got angry birds bedding set, a hotwheels car track thing where cars crash into each other etc, an aqua bot, super mario bros for the wii & planes movie. Bella got a sofia the 1st castle and family set for the castle, rapunzel bath set that comes with a little barbie type of toy, bella magiclip bag and a big magiclip set. Ansley got the klip klop stable, 3 little people to go with it, ariel singing bath doll, ariel bath set like bellas, ariel playset little people and a cinderella magic clip bag set.

    We're thinking their santa gift may be the Wii U for the older 2 and a cabbage patch doll for Ansley... can't decide between that or a bounce house

    I might pick up some more stuff between now and then
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    DD has only asked for some accessories for her pseudo-American Girl doll that Santa found at Target last year. This year she was looking through the catalog and I told her that I didn't think we could get a doll b/c they were really expensive and she clarified that she only wanted the outfits (gymnastics and lacrosse) for her doll, Willow.
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    Disney dolls, dress up clothes, my little pony toys. And some bubble guppies DVDs and other stuff
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