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Thread: Need Christmas gift ideas help.

  1. verabot89
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    Need Christmas gift ideas help.


    I'm on a very tight budget this year. Need gifts for the following people:

    Male cousin mid twenties
    Female cousin mid twenties

    I'm already getting my mom a kindle and making her a kindle case but I need something more.

    I can sew, and I'm crafty but struggling with cheap ideas.

    ETA: I did like cake mixes in a jar, and homemade hot chocolate mix last year and I don't think they ever got used.
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  2. Classic Bookworm
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    What about gift baskets that fit they're interest?
    Like if they like watching movies, buy some movies popcorn they're favorite candies ect, and put it in a cute basket.
    Or if they like the beach or bath stuff...
    If the females like hair things you could make though(it's really easy I could post a link)
    Or a coffee mug, like get a cheap one and a sharpie and write or draw on it for them.
    What about making a microwave heating bag? or ornaments

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  3. Living in paradise :D
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    What about homemade specialty soap (make or buy)? I ordered a bunch for people this year including a "cupcake" one where the bottom is soap and looks like the bottom of a cupcake, and the frosting part is a pouf stuck in the top of the soap. Got another that's like a snow globe.

    For a lot of the guys in our family, we went with a knife theme (cheap multi tools, hunting knives, etc.) but they're all into stuff like that.

    Reusable/collapsible water bottles seem to be popular this year and are cheap.


    My DH recently sewed some cammo wallets for the hell of it and everyone thought it was cool. He also made a messenger bag out of one of his old Blue Angels uniforms and a bunch of people wanted it. I think tote bags (especially embroidered ones) are popular.

    Good luck!
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    you got your mom a kindle and case? i think that is PLENTY for her

    i'm not sure what your other family members are into, and also do you want only homemade ideas, or any ideas?

    do any of them like tea? you could get them a giftcard to Teavana, i did that for my sister and sister in law last year. just like $20. all sorts of fun tea combos they can get, online or in store (as well as buying the giftcard online or in store).

    giftcards to a restaurant, or a movie theatre chain. slap 10-20 bucks on that too.

    etsy is always a good place to peruse for unique gifts.
  5. Forever & a Day!
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    A fun idea is if you have a cheaper fabric store around you make them a personalized pillow... Pick out a fabric that specifically fits them. Or throw blankets. That way when they are relaxing at home they can think of you Also, I suggest looking on Pinterest There are SOOOOO many gift ideas that are DIY. Although, I must warn you... it is addicting!!! (PINTEREST ADDICT!)

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    The Gunny Sack: {Everything} In A Jar - Handmade Gifts

    Under The Table and Dreaming: My Favorite Vanilla Brown Sugar Body Scrub {for Mom} <-- She has several body scrubs on her website. Last year I made the vanilla brown sugar scrub and also gave another mason jar filled with vanilla scented epsom salts.

    What about some homemade snacks? You could make some savory flavored pretzels (Pinterest has ranch and buffalo recipes, even cinnamon sugar), chex mix, a quick and easy fudge (2 Minute Microwave Fudge Recipe - - 43703), rice krispie treats, soft caramels (Unknownchef86's Microwave Soft Vanilla Caramels Recipe - - 149205), savory roasted mixed nuts (Rosemary Toasted Nuts Recipe - Mixed Nuts Appetizers), etc. You can wrap them all in little celllophane bags that I think you can get at the dollar store along with a basket to put them in.

    Good Luck!
  7. Mom with Messy House and Happy Kids!!
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    I have several gift ideas on Pinterest. You can Pm me for my info if you want to check it out
  8. verabot89
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    Thanks for the help! People in my family just don't like anything. And my mom only asks for mad expensive stuff (like a freaking kindle paperwhite, not the regular cheaper one). The homemade snacks isn't a bad idea, my grandma might like that. I love scrubs but my mom hates them, but that might be good for my cousin. I also made her some cute little magnets just to have for cuteness' sake

    The men are more difficult to shop for!

    I also need some things I can purchase for my mom. Everything handmade that's gifted in my family tends to fall under the category or "aww, that's cute, ashley's broke, and still 12 years old!" Need things that can be unwrapped.
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