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Thread: s/o secret presents

  1. verabot89
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    s/o secret presents

    Do you like to be surprised? Did you ever sneak around to find your gifts before hand?

    I'm so bad! From when I was like 10-17 I would dig through my mom's closets/under the bed looking for my gifts! I'm terrible, I really am.

    But I also hate surprises.
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    I used to sneak around like that, but I quickly realized I hated ruining the surprise. But I still beg for a hint cause I like to have a guess, you know?
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    I like the idea of a surprise but I'm too curious to ever keep it. From the age of like 7, I knew every single gift my parents ever got me. And then when I see that DH has gotten me something from our bank account, I HAVE to go into his email to see what it is.

    Bad wife!

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    I like surprises only when they are good surprises. Like... "OMG you got me this awesome necklace I love from Pinterest!" vs "yay, you bought me a super awesome pink sparkly scarf and mitten set that I will never wear!" (because I don't like pink). Usually I try to ferret out my gifts because I have a terrible poker face and if I don't know ahead of time I might show sad/disappointment and I'd hate to hurt someone's feelings.

    Thankfully DB is an awesome gift giver/surpriser! And my immediate family usually asks for ideas. It's the extended family I have to be worried about.
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    I don't like surprises! I can't even surprise DH without ruining it. I got him a telescope for Christmas and I knew he would LOVE it. The day it came in the mail I wrapped it and then made him open it that night, this was like 4 days ago.

    I also ruined one of my own presents from him. I wanted an IPAD mini and told him to go on black friday and get it. Then I bugged him ALL day about it(I was at work). Apparently he had already bought it and it was already wrapped under the tree. He let me open it since I was going to order one.
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    I generally don't like surprises but I am looking froward to see what DB gets me this year. It's our first time exchanging gifts. My parents gave up trying to surprise us years ago. So I normally know what I'm getting ahead of time. As for presents from other people, I'm never really curious.
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    I want to be surprised, but I'm too good at just 'knowing' what I'm getting. DH isn't good at secrets, and drops the biggest, most obvious hints. He didn't marry a dumbass.. I let him think he surprises me. Occasionally, if I have an inkling, I'll go looking just to confirm. I'm bad.

    I just want to come across someone clever enough to surprise me. DH has ONCE (but it wasn't a gift), dont think it'll ever happen again

    You're welcome.
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    I like surprises but I can always guess what someone is going to do or get me

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    I don't care for surprises and I like to choose my own gifts lol. I can basically always guess though, it's hard to surprise me.
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    DH is terrible... he'll put something on a gift list, wait a few days and then buy it He's ruined more than one birthday/christmas for himself that way

    This Christmas I told him that anything he put on his Christmas list he wasn't allowed to buy no matter what . So far, it has worked. Not sure if he'll actually be SURPRISED when he opens the stuff but at least I'll be able to get it all the way under the tree without having to smuggle it back and return it
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