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Thread: Christmas with your SO?

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    Christmas with your SO?

    When did you started spending the holidays with your SO? Include when you weren't married/not living in the same city! How did you break the time up between family?

    DB and I have been together for over a year and he's getting two weeks off for Christmas Exodus. I obviously want to be with him, my family wants me to be with them also, and I know DB's family will want him home as well. I'm just not sure how this whole holiday season will work out. DBs family and I are totally cool, so it wouldn't be weird or anything if I stayed with them for a few days. DB has only met my parents twice so I don't really know if he or my parents would feel comfortable with him staying with us. My parents are strict (same bed is definitely a no go) and our parents live almost 4 hours away. I have no idea what to do!

    Any suggestions?
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    DH and I's first Christmas was a month after we got together so we didn't spend that one together, second one he was deployed, 3rd (married) we spent with his parents, 4th with mine, this would of been his moms year but he's deployed. The way we do it is go to one parents for Thanksgiving and one for Christmas alternating each year. Our parents live 23 hours apart though. If he is home for 2 weeks with parents only 4 hours apart maybe you could spend Christmas and a few days with his, some time on your own, and then New Years with yours? It takes some figuring out as far as how to do Holidays .
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    Our first Christmas was when he was deployed... same with the second. Last year was our first together & we spent his birthday (the 21st) through the 26th or 27th with his family in Texas & then we went to my parent's in North Carolina. But we drove back down to South Carolina to spend New Years Eve & Day with my best friend & then back up to North Carolina for a couple more days.

    This year, it's just us & DS.

    You could always try to spend Christmas Eve/morning with one of y'all family & then drive to the others for the remainder of Christmas Day. That's probably what I would do in your situation. Just sacrifice the not staying the same bed & all that for the time being... And it'd be a perfect time for your family to get to know him more.

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    Our first Christmas together, we had only been dating for a couple of weeks. I went to may parents home across the state and he stayed in the town we lived in. We spent most of the holiday on the phone with each other... Looking back, we should have spent it together.

    Since then, we alternate which family we spend the holidays with.
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    I'm spending this Christmas with my boyfriend and his family. I'm a little older (27) and I'm moving out to CO to move in with him and start our lives together out there, so my family understands.
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    We've been living together since our first holiday season together. Our family is spread through three states, and we don't really like traveling for holidays because of the obvious reason but also because it's one of the few months when Arizona has nice weather. I know our families think we are the Christmas grinches, but I'd rather see them in the summer when it's 115 here and the airports aren't crazy busy. I'm trying to convince them that our house should be the thanksgiving house because we have a double oven....maybe next year
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    We've been pretty lucky. His side celebrates on Christmas Eve and mine on Christmas. So, we've been able to do both sides without much conflict since our first holiday together.

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    Since our families live like 10 mins from each other we split the day up. Typically his parents do Christmas gifts on Christmas eve at like 8 pm where my family we do it like 4pm then we spend Christmas day eating with his family but seeing a little of mine too.
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    My family hardly ever does Christmas ON Christmas. My mom doesn't want people to have to choose so we celebrate on another day. Granted the BIG thing in my family is Christmas eve because my mom makes perogies from scratch... and then we go to mass together. Otherwise it doesn't matter. Both of our families are laid back.

    Last year DH had a few weeks off for Christmas and split the time between the two. The parents live 4 hours apart... and it was a lot of driving. It wasn't really fun, but we spent Christmas with one set of parents and New Years with the other.
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    DB and I spent last Christmas together (about 6 months of dating) and we might be spending this Christmas together

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