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Thread: 30 day "I'm thankful for" challenge **DAY 25 & 26**

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    30 day "I'm thankful for" challenge **DAY 25 & 26**

    oohhh Monday ...

    so since I missed yesterday, here it is!

    Day 25!
    I am thankful for my faith. Saturday night ended on a not so good note. But with the power of prayer I was able to calm my anxiety, get some sleep and woke up sunday morning feeling much better; which led to a pretty good day with DH and I. I still have some residual anger but all in all, I'm fine. This too shall pass.

    Day 26..
    Today I am so so so thankful for my mom! It is her birthday today. YAY! My mom has been my best friend, teacher, mentor, support system, and biggest fan and I would absolutely not be where I am today without her. I could not have asked for a better mom!

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    I have missed a ton but oh well

    Day 25: I am thankful for technology. It gives me airplanes to fly to see DF, cell phones and internet to keep communicating with him when we are apart.

    Day 26: I am thankful for bffs. I am currently lounging at my 2 bffs' apartment, with a purring cat on my lap, an invitation to eat whatever I want, and I got promises of dinner and alcohol for tomorrow night after I take the GRE. They rock.
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