Sorry another 2 day

Day 11
I am thankful for my health. Though it is not perfect, I am still lucky to have the health I do; both mentally and physically. I struggle with my own issues but I watch my husband struggle with his PTSD and I watch friends and family members fight cancer ...I may struggle but it's nothing like that. And all I want is for all of them to be happy and healthy again!

Day 12
I am thankful for my patience. Without patience I would not have the things I have now. Every day at work I deal with a lot of people who are rude and not understanding in any fashion. Without my patience I would not be able to fix those situations and be successful at what I do. Without my patience I would not have my marriage. DH pushes my patience a lot sometimes and if I didn't have the patience to let the issue boil over or to allow his PTSD episode to pass then there is no way we would have the successful and loving marriage that we have now. I am strong and patient for him!