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Thread: 30 day "I'm thankful for" challenge **DAY 9**

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    30 day "I'm thankful for" challenge **DAY 9**

    Sorry another late post.. it's been a long day!! Haha

    Today I am truly so thankful for my amazing husband! I've never been loved so much! He does anything and everything he can to make sure I'm happy.

    We didnt get to go to the ball last night and I was actually really bummed out. So instead... we are going to Knotts Berry Farm tomorrow... horseback riding on sunday... ..and last night, with him offering to help me make the payments because it was a bit out of my budget.... I am now driving a 2013 Dodge Dart!!

    Ugh I love this man more than words.

    Jen2407 is my Wifey!

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    I'm thankful for my children and what them mean to me. Even when they drive me NUTS, I can't imagine life without them.
    "Obstinacy is a fault of temperament. Stubbornness and Intolerance of contradiction result from a special kind of Egotism, which elevates above everything else the pleasure of its own autonomous intellect, to which others must bow.: Carl von Clausewitz
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    I'm thankful for my jobs even though I really don't like one of them!

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    I'm thankful that I don't live somewhere even colder than here.

    “It always seems impossible until it's done.”
    ― Nelson Mandela

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