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Thread: 30 day "I'm thankful for" challenge **DAY 4&5**

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    30 day "I'm thankful for" challenge **DAY 4&5**

    So sorry I missed yesterday! I spent the majority of the day cleaning my apartment and the majority of the night in the ER with DH trying to get his cast put back on since he decided to cut it off since he dropped a glass bottle and it busted all over his cast ...long story short was disgusting!! and since the Naval hospital doesnt have orthopedics in on weekends ..the ER it was!

    Anywho ....lets pack 2 days into this one!!!

    Day 4!
    I am thankful for the doctors in Tennessee that were able to keep my close friend and her newborn healthy and alive after her difficult labor. She had a hemorrhage and her baby boy had to be pulled out with the vacuum which landed him in the NICU. But after a week in the NICU he is home with his mommy, daddy and 2 big brothers! Her and baby Colton are good and healthy as of today!

    Day 5!
    I am thankful that my friends on the east coast are ok. I have several friends and family members on the east coast and besides some minor damages and having no power ...everyone is ok!!
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    day 4: I'm thankful for having these last few months off work and still being ok financially.
    day 5: I'm thankful for having internet service because I would be really bored without it.

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    Day 4: I am thankful for Kalista. She has been such a shining ray of love in our lives so far. Watching how closely she studies everything, and how entertained she is by the small things, reminds me to stop taking life so seriously! I let myself get so worried about her hip dysplasia and need for therapy, but to her it was just happy fun playtime with the therapist every week and a chance to play with someone else's toys... and she thrived and exceeded all expectations! Thank you baby girl, for teaching me that the reason why you end up somewhere is not always important, what you make of it while you are there is.

    Day 5: I am thankful for a messy house. Even though staying on top of it feels impossible most days, and I get stressed out thinking about what it will take to clean it up after the toddler tornado and baby hurricane hit it hard... I know that without these two amazing little beings in my life, it would be clean. I will take the clutter and the mess every day of the week when it comes with so much love and joy!
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    I'm coming into this way late but I want to catch up!

    day 4: I'm thankful for my parents and the roof they provide over my head

    day 5: I'm thankful for skype making this LD journey easier for DF and I

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