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Thread: The Christmas gift idea thread!

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    The Christmas gift idea thread!

    I know it's early, but it's getting to be that time of year when people start to make their Christmas lists and there's always the token "What the heck do I get for________??" people

    So I figured we could bounce ideas around here.

    Here's my list so far--

    DH: to be decided
    Mom: Paris themed bathroom decor for her upstairs bathroom
    Dad: he turns 50 Christmas Day so I thought I'd do a "50" gift basket with 50 small items
    16 yo sister: crocheted scarf, piece of nice jewelry
    Brother and SIL: a baby-themed care package (she's due one week before me)
    MIL: pretty vase for flowers from her beautiful garden
    SILs: crocheted scarves, homemade fudge, a scented candle
    1 yo godson: a cute outfit

    I'm DETERMINED to get all my shopping done by the end of November this year. I always say that but this time I mean it.

    Let's hear yours!
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    Ramstein, Germany!
    Chris (DF) is getting a custom pair of ice hockey gloves, a mickey big fig and random little presents for his stocking.
    My mom is getting K-Cups, a clock, and some disney stuff.

    Beyond that....I have no clue yet.
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    I don't think we're doing christmas presents this year. We'll be in Germany. I'll probably tell my mom to label something from me to my little brother so he's not disappointed. Depending on how much the sears heros at home card is though decides what I'm going to get DH. Hopefully a grill!

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    my mom told me she wants night gowns and slipper socks, so ill do that for her. otherwise i have no idea for anyone else
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    Let's see
    My partner: Probably something for his dorky games.
    His mom: Probably some bathy thing that smells good.
    His dad: Probably something edible, he likes food.
    My bestie: Probably a Diamond Candle because she really wants one.

    And that's all I have to shop for
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    My list:

    Everyone I'm planning on shopping for: idk

    Christmas shopping stresses me out.
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    Me: Mississippi

    My niece- probably a build a bear since she loves the other one I got her.

    and the rest? I have no idea.
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    Not a clue! I am horrible at gift giving then all of a sudden last minute I figure out what to get everyone.
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    TOGETHER in NC!!!!!!
    DH: a gaming chair
    both of our parents joint gift: a mini replica of our wedding album
    His mom: a round serving platter

    I have NO CLUE for his dad or my parents or his sister and her boyfriend. I was thinking of getting a pack of diamond candles to give out to my friends and his sister, but I don't know yet. Undecided.
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    DH is getting a lot of clothes, not sure what else though. I honestly haven't thought much about it.

    I'm trying to get my grandma a Michael Kors bag. I'm not into them but she loooves them and has wanted one for years. I say trying because we have very different taste and idk how to pick one she will like without asking her and being suspicious.

    I have no ideas for anybody else either. I have to get something for my uncle, my stepdad, and my grandpa. And my siblings but they usually just want money, so hopefully that's still what they want.
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