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Thread: Mother's Day Question

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    Mother's Day Question

    So DF and I are getting his two youngest kids this weekend. We will have them Friday night through Sunday afternoon. With Mother's Day being this Sunday I thought that I would have the kids do something nice for their mom. They are 7 & 9.

    Are there any inexpensive ideas (besides making a card) that the kids can do to that would not be too invasive on my part to encourage them for their mom?
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    I was the perfect mom, until I had kids.
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    Maybe take a few pictures of them together and have them make a little scrap book type of thing and each write a little something to her in it?

    I'm terrible with ideas I think it's really sweet that you're trying to do something though.

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    Help them make their mom a baked good or something? I'm not very creative.

    I Eelizah
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    Maybe help them each make a video message for her, telling her what they love about her? I know I am a ridiculous hoarder of videos in which Damien says he loves me.
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    cut out some cardboard paper hearts and have them write a reason why they love there mom on them? maybe make a chain?

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