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Thread: Easter as a child

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    Easter as a child

    Did your family celebrate Easter when you were a kid? What did they do?

    My family celebrated Easter as a religious holiday, church in the morning and Easter Cantata in the evening (and sometimes the day/weekend before as well).

    Then on Monday, my mom would go buy the discount candy and make an "Easter Egg" hunt for us while we were at school- I don't really call it a "hunt" because she only hid the Cadbury eggs, everything else (and there was a LOT) was randomly strewn about the house. Like in plain sight.

    My grandma always sent us Easter baskets, though they usually arrived after Easter. My parents would have held them until after the actual holiday anyway as a means of prioritizing the religious celebration over the secular for us.

    My mom also used to sew us each an Easter dress (I have an older sister and a younger sister) until our baby brother was old enough to care, because she wasn't a skilled enough seamstress to make him a suit, so then she started buying us a new Easter church outfit instead. I didn't really care for it once it was store-bought though. Ungrateful child that I was.

    What did you do?
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    We would go to church in the morning as a family, come home, do an easter egg/basket hunt (I think probably around the age of 5 and up to 13 or so) and then we'd have dinner with the whole family. I don't think the hunt really de-prioritized the religious aspect but I wouldn't say my family is hugely religious either but we do like to attend church.
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    We still do the same thing I did as a child. We go to my Mama's house (mom's mom) and hunt Easter eggs and have a big dinner. She puts pieces of paper in each egg and the number on the paper corresponds to a 'prize'.

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    Easter for us was always a more important holiday than Christmas (Catholic)

    My parents would hide our Easter baskets (candy and usually something religious). We'd wake up early and try to find our baskets before church, however they got good at hiding mine

    Then we'd go to church and brunch. The past 5 years or so we've been going over to our church friend's house for dinner. They make amazing Russian food that is made for Easter. We hang out there with people from church for hours and then all go home.

    Easter egg hunts was never a big thing for us, though.
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    My mom would hide our Easter baskets & we'd have to find them... and then there'd be a dinner later. That's pretty much it.

    We never went to church on Easter. Even when I was really young, we went to church at night. But we stopped going when I was either 4 or 5.

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    I may steal your moms idea of the Easter hunt with discounted candy
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    I should clarify- I don't think Easter Egg hunts necessarily de-prioritize the religious aspects of Easter... that was just the reason my mom delayed it. That and the cheap candy the day after. We wuz po.
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    We'd always have brand new outfits that we would lay out the night before for church. In the morning my brother and I would have to find our hidden Easter baskets from the Easter bunny () and then we'd have a family breakfast and go to church. We usually cook out Easter Sunday or do like a Thanksgiving style dinner. (We don't eat lamb or anything, so no "traditional" Easter dinner for us.) My grandma and one of m aunts also always sent us Easter goodies, but we usually got those the week before Easter.
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    We would have an Easter egg hunt in the house, go to church, then have a big Easter dinner.

    I would also have an Easter basket filled with goodies outside my bedroom door too.
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    when i was really young we would go to church in the morning or sometime during that weekend. We would either be in or help out with the easter play as well. then we would have dinner at my grandmas house with an easter egg hunt.
    as we got older we stopped going to church and just had the dinner(my mom had to work sundays and my dad didn't care). the egg hunt became more like a scavenger hunt where we had clues to follow to our easter basket.

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