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Thread: New (& Old!) Years Resolution!

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    New (& Old!) Years Resolution!

    Did you succeed in any of last years resolutions?
    What new boxes to you have to check?


    I didn't make any new years resolutions last year, but I did lose a lot (for me anyway, I wasn't that "big" before) of weight this year, but I didn't want to set myself up for failure by jotting that down as a resolution

    This year I am making a list, and I WILL get it done, by golly! (yeah probably not but oh well )

    [ ] Stay below 135. 127 would be GOLDENN!
    [ ] Stay active, going to the gym at least thrice a week.
    [ ]
    [ ] Pay off the truck
    [ ] Eliminate the dog's kennels! Train them to sleep outside of them / be outside of them while we aren't home without killing our furniture.
    [ ] New Bedroom furniture set
    [ ] Convert the dog's room to an office/study/guest room
    [ ] Finish making the outside of our house pretty

    More of a to-do list than a resolutions list, but whatevs
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    be cool.
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    [ ] Get Married.
    [ ] Get Command Sponsarship from DF's command.
    [ ] Move to Japan.
    [ ] Pay off any debt from move.
    [ ] Decorate our home.
    [ ] Get back into going to the gym.
    [ ] Get back on track for my Bachelors.

    A picture paints a thousand words, it's true.
    But it's still not enough for how I feel about you.
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    [] get a 3.0 next semester
    [] not stress out as much
    [] become ok with not knowing the future/ things not going according to plan
    [] get married
    [] not fall behind on laundry
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    [] lose 20 lbs and KEEP it off.
    [] adjust to actually living with dh and don't kill him in the first couple months

    that's all i got so far. I need to keep thinking.
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    [ ] Stop biting nails.
    [ ] Finish college.
    [ ] GET A JOB... a big kid job. A career!

    [ ] Maybe, tone up. I'm sorta over all that work though. It's wearing, mentally. My husband loves me, I just need to too.

    I don't remember if I made a resolution last year. I doubt it. If I did, it was to stop biting my nails. Fail,

    You're welcome.
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    [] Stop biting my nails
    [] Stop biting the inside of my mouth
    [] Raise GPA to 3.5
    [] Get all the things on our house wish list
    [] Get down to 135 pounds

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    Not Texas
    [] Work hard at school
    [] Get into Texas A&M
    [] Decide what I for sure want to do with my life
    [] Get in shape/start working out
    [] Learn more about the Marines before Chris leaves for boot camp
    [] Be a better friend to everyone
    [] Weed out bad friends
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    I can't do all the boxes right now but
    Like Ashley, get the dogs to be out of their kennels
    Get under my pre pregnancy weight
    Get back to school
    Forget the weight loss and have baby number 2
  9. eres el amor de mi vida <33
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    eres el amor de mi vida <33
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    [ ] Lose weight
    [ ] Start running again and yoga
    [ ] Once in a good fitness routine try for bebe
    [ ] Read more books than I did this year (currently at 87 read)
    [ ] Get the house together 100%
    [ ] Craft more

    I didn't have any last year really. Just survive deployment
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    meh. I never do my resolutions so I'm just going to try and better myself
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