This morning DF Got to call on skype and watch the kids open Christmas presents I miss him like crazy and wish he was here with us, but he still has a few months left in the sandbox. But it was really nice, he got to see the kids open gifts and talk to them, the sweetest part is he thanked me for including him, i was thankful that he stayed up a few extra hours just to watch the kids on skype after a 12 hour shift, i told him he is automatically included in everything, we wont be married for 6 more months but he is a very important part of my family already. We got to talk a lil while later and he said as hard as it is being away during the holidays, that it made it better by getting to be "present" for family things like Christmas, even if it is on skype. I am so blessed to have such a thoughtful, caring man who is my best friend and taught me what it feels like to be truly loved and to truly love someone. (by that i mean romantically. not referring to loving your kids) I was married for 8 years and never felt like i do with him. Not boasting or bragging, just thankful.