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Thread: Santa Help!

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    Santa Help!

    ok ladies.... i have a question about how you go about your "santa gifts" for the kiddies. do you wrap them up and put them under the tree or take them out/put the together/set them up in front of the tree?? i know my mom used to wrap them and put them under but for instance, last year a lady i knew got her son spike the dinosaur and she put him completely together and had him out waiting....
    whats your take on this?
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    we put gifts from mommy, daddy and family under the tree as we get them... Santa gifts get put out late Xmas Eve night... If its bikes or things like that, they are set up prior. If its just something that say requires batteries, then its wrapped and under the tree.
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    I'm not a parent, but when I was little my parents used to wait until they were sure we were asleep and then put them unwrapped in front of the tree. Since I had 2 siblings they'd have a stack where santa left my gits, my sisters & my brothers. We loved it!

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