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Thread: whats on thing..

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    whats on thing..

    you like/love about the holidays?

    And whats one thing you dislike about the holidays?

    I being able to spend time with my family with all the little traditions we do no matter when we celebrate the day.

    I don't like the craziness, such as the drivers, the maddness at the malls, etc.
  2. lovin' life
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    Love: Spending time with my family, and baking during the holidays.

    Hate: Crowds and rude people!
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    I really love the spirit of the season - the sense of magic, wonder, and positivism.

    I don't like the commercialism. Thank goodness my family understands, because I send gifts whenever I find a good gift, not on a deadline.
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    I just love the holiday season in general, having a break from school, spending time with my family, all the lights and songs and festivities.

    I don't like, however, having to do everything in such a short amount of time... before Christmas, I have two finals left to take, a trip to see DB's family, and I still have to finish buying/wrapping/working on all the Christmas presents that I haven't had time to finish because of school! Blah!
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    I love the feeling! Everyone seems happier, and i love it when the snow falls, and there's pretty christmas music.

    I don't love the crowds.
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    I love spending time with DH and DD. And watching her eyes light up every time I turn the Christmas lights on...and watching her sleep next to the Christmas tree.

    I hate having to try and plan a meal for 3...and then execute said meal to perfection!

    Kaiden Matthew Baby #2
  8. Getting by, one day at a time
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    Getting by, one day at a time
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    Spending time with family, and the food/desserts!
    11 months down.... ??? months to go. Will it EVER end?!

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    I love the holiday spirit. The cheer, the songs, the overall "christmas mood". I love getting presents, holiday lights, holiday food, holiday decor, and holiday scented candles

    I hate that I live in Germany and can't go home for the holidays

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    Like: Being with family and doing for others. And the lights... they make me all warm and fuzzy.

    Dislike: All of the stress and crazy people.
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