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I have recently joined a group in San Diego who would like to sponsor 10 families in need this holiday season. These are families who have taken in foster children and are (as a lot of people are) having a hard time.

I wanted to put it out there, if you are in a position to help out with a small donation of any kind and help a family less fortunate - please PM me or the organizer Jay directly.

We do have a hard deadline of Sunday, Dec 13 in order to get the gifts for the families.

Here is a link to the meetup groups site:
Operation Santa Clause - San Diego Grass Roots Giving (San Diego, CA) - Meetup.com

Here is some more information about the donations as well from the organizer, Jay.


I have been giving some thought to what we could do as a group immediately to make a difference this holiday season. I know this group just started, but Christmas is around the corner and I just felt there was an opportunity with our names on it.

The Storyline

Every morning after I get off the trolley downtown I walk directly into the Starbucks in my building and feed my addiction - a grande white mocha with an extra shot of espresso. I am so predictable most of the employees at Starbucks know me by sight and know what exactly what my order is.

This morning was different.

As you pick up your toasty beverage there is a bunch of little ornaments with names of foster kids and what they want for Christmas. Starbucks is partnering with an orphanage in Russia to get each kid what they want for Christmas.

So you pick an ornament out and go buy the stuff, wrap it up, and deliver it back to that Starbucks.

This got me thinking we should do something similar.

The Result

We are going to "Adopt" Ten families this Christmas who have taken in foster children!

I found an ad on Craig's list from a local non-profit charity who wants to match volunteers with families. They will provide the list of gifts the children requested and we will buy those gifts and wrap them for delivery.


This is going to cost money. Time to put your money where your mouth is. Personally, I set aside money for charity each paycheck so I was just looking for a great opportunity to spend it on.

The Vision

I vision us all getting together with our lists of families and their corresponding gift requests and us all going shopping! Then we will return to someone's home or my apartment clubhouse (if available) and wrap all the gifts.

Then we can all deliver the gifts to the local charity.

Your Response

This is where you say nay or yay and decide how much money and time you want to donate.

Operators are standing by!

The Details

We are adopting all 10 families! At least that is my goal.

Here is the response letter from http://www.hope4kids.... and Orange County non-profit 501c3 foster care agency.

HI Jay,

Thank you for your interest in helping. Hope 4 Kids is a non profit 501c3
foster care agency. Our main office is located in Orange County but we
have many families and kids all over Southern California including San
Diego. You can look at our website www.hope4kids.com. All donations are
tax deductible and you will receive a receipt.

We are asking that you "adopt" a family in need. These
families are prescreened foster families who have a need this year. We
would also ask that you at least provide each child(ren) with at least 3
gifts (socks count as a gift), Parent with a minimum $20 gift card (to
either a grocery store, Wal-Mart or Target), and some sort of fun thing
for the family to do together (like movie tickets or a board game).
Anything beyond that and including that would be the families blessing.

Because of the confidentiality surrounding the foster child's case you
are not able to "meet" them. However, you will either receive a thank you
card or photo from the family.

Please choose a pre-screened family listed below and I will send
you their information, I ask that if you are able please consider one of
the larger families, we are having trouble finding help for them and they
seem to have biggest need:

Ellis family of 6 (4 children)
Coy family of 6 (5 children
Stevens Family of 3 (1 child)
Wyncoop family of 3 (1 child)
Novasel Family of 4 (2 children)
Bradfield Family of 4 (2 children)
Casey Family of 3 (1 child)
Reed Family of 4 (2 children)
Doengi Family of 2 (1 child)
Wills family of 3 (1 child)

Once you choose a family above let me know their name I will send you the
child's wish list along with a description of the family and any needs
They may have this year. I will also send you additional details such as
dates, etc.

Thank you,