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Thread: Solstice/Yule Celebrations?

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    Solstice/Yule Celebrations?

    I think there was a few people on here who celebrated Yule last year. I was just wondering what you guys were doing this year, if there were any special traditions you had. We celebrate Christmas as well, but we aren't Christian- so I would really love to get back to the Pagan origins of the season with my kids. I am buying a few picture books to read with them, and planning to do a special family dinner on the 21st, maybe as a picnic or on the beach. I found a really nice, simple little ceremony that I really like: Welcome Back the Sun for Yule

    I was also thinking about having everyone do little handmade gifts to exchange that day also.

    Anybody else?
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    Rather than getting a tree (I'd feel bad for chopping down a real one, and can't afford a fake one,) I am picking a tree in my neighborhood to decorate (with the owner's permission.) I'm planning an altar and rit for midnight of Yule.

    I'm also planning to go hang out with a group I'm affiliated with that evening, as they're doing a group exodus to a nearby eatery. I've already written out Yule cards.
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    well I'm not doing anything this year, just cause its only me
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    We're not Pagan (also not Christian) but we opened our presents to each other today. We're still trying to find a tradition that works with our non-beliefs.

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