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Thread: Holiday Spirit

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    Holiday Spirit

    I just cant seem to find it this year I've lost three grandparents in the past 2 years (2 blood, one step) My dad's mom died last february, my dad's stepmom died in august of this year, and my Pop, my mom's dad, died in april of this year. He was the most important person in my life aside from my SO, it was like he was the glue that held us all together, and now we are all falling apart.
    Thanksgiving was bad I thought, until yesterday, when I sat down to start writing my Christmas cards. Each of my grandparents that are still living have lost a spouse, and its just so hard to word the card cause i don't want to upset them by what the card says, but i don't want anyone to think I am just forgetting about my loved ones that I've lost. Especially to my Grandma (my mom's mom, who was married to Pop)
    {I know this is so confusing. Its more important for me to get this out than just for everyone to understand the relations.}
    I wrote in her card about my favorite memory from my childhood which was going to their house on Christmas eve, and seeing all my family there. I was careful not to get too emotional but i wanted to let her know that i was thinking about Pop w/o upsetting her. So frustrating
    I just want to get into the holiday spirit but everyone has lost someone so close to them in my family, no matter what i do or who i call its all sad sad sad. I know people can't live forever, but why did it all have to come at once? Before this I had never been to a funeral in my 25 years.

    Ok, I know this is long and makes no sense, but just know I feel better getting my thoughts out there. Thanks for reading
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    I feel ya....DH and I are at a loss this year as well, even though he's finally on shore duty and will be home this season. Last Sunday a close family friend and a father figure to DH lost his six month battle with Pancreatic Cancer, and we're emotionally spent from following his battle on a journal his wife was posting, seeing him in October still "well" and then five weeks later attending his funeral, it seems like we have none, which is hard with three kids wanting us to be cheerful. IDK, it seems like a loss takes a huge emotional toll on you. I'm sorry you're feeling like this though.
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    I'm so sorry for your losses. This year is rough because dh is deployed so I agree. But your sadness is rough and I hope you can find some ray of sun this season. Celebrate their life to shoe your thinking of them.
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