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Thread: another what to get him thread

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    another what to get him thread

    but i really do need help. I'll try to give as much info as i can about him
    i'm 19 and in college so i'm not looking to spend more than $50 ish.
    The only thing I have for him so far is a $10 transformer toy (not part of the 50)
    he's into yankees, giants
    transformers lol
    he has a ps3
    has a new iphone ( i was thinking two cases-one giants one yankees? ) but thats kinda like cheepy
    so i don't know what really special gift I could get him, he has everything he needs. I already did for his birthday which was early november lingerie for him to see lolll and other um stuff for that.
    I can't think of anything except to do like a bunch of little stupid things like that. i already made him a calendar of pictures of me, i made a little scrap book of pictures and ticket stubs. i don't know what else i could 'make'
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    A tv series he likes? A new game for his ps3 or other gaming system?
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