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Thread: cats and christmas trees

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    Help cats and christmas trees

    I have 2 year and a half old cats and then 2 12 week old kitties. We are finally in a permanent place and I would love to put up a Christmas tree. The two kittens are climbers! I'm afraid the cats will just climb the tress and knock it over. What is your experience with this? I just really want to be able to use my Christmas ornaments! Any other ideas? Any input would be awesome.
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    We've two cats. One makes a living as a sandbag so she doesn't bother anything. The other is full of mischief but for some reason doesn't really bother the ornaments. She tried to smell the needles once and, since we get real trees, it poked her and she learned her lesson.

    She'll also try and drink out of the pot of water the tree is sitting in so we leave it lower than her tiny head can reach.

    Other than the obvious like no tinsel, unbreakable ornaments, etc your best bet is trial and error.

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    When I was a kid my cat climbed the tree and knocked it over onto me and my friend We were okay, just freaked out. My dad somehow anchored it after that.
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    you might just put your tree up for a few w/o anything on it to see how they do. You should be able to see how they react during that time and correct them.

    Thats one of the reasons we have our tree up w/o anything on it. This is our puppies 1st Christmas. Weve been able to correct her.

    Our little black cat likes to jingle our bells and chew on our lights
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    I never found out how to get them to not do that. We lost SOO many ornaments last year from my cats knocking the tree over. It's a fake so it's not too sturdy.
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    we are in va beach.
    We have a fake tree, the cats like to sniff it and hide under it but other than that they leave it alone. I did buy plastic ornaments just in case, so that if they did break it no one including them would get hurt. Also we had tinsel, they didn't mess with it much.

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