So at my new job I have been charged to create an enchanted forest to go along with Snow White and Seven Dwarfs.
This is what we have so far...
--Cauldron with Poison potion (non-alcoholic—sorry)
--Poison apples (caramel dip to go with them)
--Dwarf food! mini cupcakes, bagel bites, mini pigs in a blanket
--Autumn leaves and garland. I figured we could use cut up parts of paper bags as tree trunks on the cubicle walls.
--Green/white/multicolor lights (I was going to try and get ahold of my green Christmas lights. LED lights, etc.)
I am going to go to the dollar store, Michaels, etc, and look for autumn leaf garland and decorations. I planned on stealing the fichus tree at the end of the hallway to add.
--“Heigh-Ho” What can we do with that?! (Obviously we’re off to work!)
--I wanted to make prints of the story boards and put them on the outside cubicle wall for people to look at.

I don't have any decorations here in CA yet, they're all in storage. They gave me a $300 budget to work with. Including snack food (dwarf foods as noted above)

Any thought would be greatly appreciated!