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Thread: Fall Fest

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    Fall Fest

    So I am in charge of planning a fall fest at work (chiropractor's office). We are wanting to have fun activities/games, so far we have a costume contest, pumpkin painting, guess the weight of the pumpkin.

    What other ideas do you guys think would be fun?? It can't be too expensive, and something that can be done inside or outside (think sidewalk of a strip center)..

    I know there are probably tons of awesome things I'm missing!!

    Edit: This is somewhat geared towards kids.
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    Apple bob?

    I also found these online (search fall festival games):


    An inexpensive, fun, exciting game. You need: pumpkin seeds, paper cups, and straws. Each child receives 1 cup, 1 straw and 5 pumpkin seeds. They then attempt to suck the seed to the end of the straw, pick it up and drop it in the cup. The first child to suck, and place all 5 seeds in cup wins.


    We did a fun version of musical chairs (for lack of a better way to explain it). It was "Musical Hats." Instead of walking around chairs, the chairs were in a circle with everyone sitting in one (yes, facing the center). All but one person had a hat on his or her head. As the music played, the person who had no hat would take the hat from the head of the person to his right and put it on his own head as fast as he could. Then, of course, this continued as fast and furious as they could around the circle. When the music stopped, the hatless person would be out.

    The lady who was in charge of the game had a large collection of various hats which made it extra fun, but you could just use bucket hats or baseball caps or whatever people had around. The hats just need to be able to take a bit of abuse.


    Have the children sit in a circle. Start music and have them pass a small pumpkin around the circle. When the music stops, the one that is caught with the pumpkin is out. Continue to you have a winner.


    Line up into 2 teams. The first person passes the pumpkin over his/her head to the next person in line. The next person passes the pumpkin under his/her legs to the next person, and so on. When you get to the end of the line the last person runs up to the front and starts it all over again. Whoever has the first person that was in line at the beginning of the game in the back of the line WINS.

    CANDY CORN CATCH (for kids and adults)

    Divide guests into groups of 3 teams, 4-5 per team. Tie a plastic pumpkin around one team member's waist (use a man/boy). Give the remaining team members a basket of candy corns. Play music. When the music begins, Yell, "Go"! Each team tries to toss the most candy corns into their pumpkin from a certain distance. Stop and start the music to give team members a chance to change turns. When the song is over, count the candy corns and the team with the most wins! Watching the men try to get the candy corns to go in their pumpkins is hilarious!


    You just get some small pumpkins and they are your "bowling balls." You also get some empty two liter pop bottles and rinse them and fill them part way with water. These are your "bowling pins." Then, of course, you just bowl the "pins" down with the pumpkins. Kids love it!! Be prepared with a couple of extra pumpkins as occasionally they split. (Whitney Larson)


    Individual Games:

    BALLOON ANIMALS - Someone make balloon animals for kids

    CANDY CORN DROP - Kneel on a chair and drop Candy Corn in a jar... see how many you can get.


    FEED THE COWS (or PIGS): Use a picture of a pig or a cow as the target- big opening for mouth. You could make the beanbags out of felt to look like corncobs, or use dried or plastic corncobs.

    FISH POND- Bamboo poles, back drop, with fishing scene, line with clothespins, prizes

    FACE PAINTING- Keep the designs simple and provide a limited number of choices so you can move lots of kids through.

    PARATROOPER LANDING - Player throws a figure with attached parachute at prizes scattered on the floor. Player gets the prize they land nearest to.

    PING PONG SHOOTOUT - Instead of using candles, set ping pong balls on top of weighted 2 liter pop bottles. The player must shoot the ball off the bottle using a water gun.

    PUMPKIN GOLF (hit the golf ball into the mouth of a pumpkin)

    RING TOSS - Kids stand on a line and try to toss a hula hoop around pumpkins painted with numbers (the higher numbers are further away from the starting line). Three tries for each child. The highest score wins.



    1.Three rings (at least 6 inches in diameter) -- these can be made out of cardboard, wooden craft rings, needlepoint rings or rings cut from coffee can lids.

    2. Individually-wrapped candy and/or novelty toys

    3. A plastic/vinyl table cloth (Halloween or fall colors are nice) or a bed sheet.

    What to do: Spread candy and toys on the table cloth on the floor. Have children take turns tossing the rings (each may have three tries) on the cloth. They "win" anything that is within the ring. You can make this game harder or easier by having children stand farther or closer to the sheet with candy.


    For the bean bag version, just mark out the lines on the sidewalk, cardboard, floor or a mat. Three in a row wins!
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    Those are awesome, thanks!!

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