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Thread: Easter Sundayy! :D

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    Jump for Joy Easter Sundayy! :D

    So I haven't had a good relationship with my dad and his wife prob in about 6 or 7 years. We have been working on our relationship for a little while now, and I talk to my step mom everyday.. We we decided that I am going to come see them for easter. And I'm suprising my dad, and my 2 little sisters and little brother.

    I am sooo freaking excited. I am horrible with suprises and I want to tell my dad so baad!! I just have to keep my mouth shut til friday! I just had to tell someoneee!!

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    HOW EXCITING!!!!! I'm horrible at keeping secrets too so good luck! haha Thats awesome you are getting closer with them and hope it keeps gettin better Have a Happy Easter!!!!

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