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Thread: Playing Santa Claus!

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    Playing Santa Claus!

    I'm now running around like mad, filling stockings, getting presents ready to put under the tree. A Christmas Story is playing on the TV. Why am I so excited?! Christmas used to be so boring before kids, now I have a (almost) 5year old and a 17 mo old and I'm so looking forward to tomorrow morning. Even though DH isn't here to celebrate with us. But better yet, my awesome parents bought me stocking stuffers, wrapped them and I just stuffed my own stocking. I'm dying to know what the heck some of those things were!

    Here's to the Christmas spirit, the joy of giving, and whether your SO is here or not, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas morning!
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    I don't have kids, and I am pretty excited for Christmas! I stuffed DH's and my own stocking [I know, sad, ] and am excited to see my parents & brother tomorrow and get my stocking from them!
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    My stocking has been stuffed since I got here on Thursday!

    I'm proud of myself for not peeking.

    I was just thinking about how fun playing Santa will be.
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    I am excited to see my kids faces in the morning... I was not excited about Christmas but I am now.
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    My family did not get to do Christmas this year because of the storms in Oregon, never thought I was going to miss it, but I do. But thinking about it makes it better.
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    I was watching A Christmas Story too last night while I put gifts out & packed stockings

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