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Thread: What's your opinion on giving Gift Cards in Lieu of a gift??

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    What's your opinion on giving Gift Cards in Lieu of a gift??

    Does it depend on who gives it to you??? or what the occassion is??

    How can you make the 'personal' rather than 'impersonal'?

    Do yo LIKE receiving Gift Cards???? Do you give Gift Cards???

    My little Loves!
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    I don't mind getting gift cards. I give them sometimes also. I have a friend who has everything.......but is really crafty, so I got her a gift card to JoAnne Fabrics.
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    db is forbidden to give me a gift card for anything.

    now that i live so far from my fam, giving gift cards has become the easy way for us to exchange gifts. i don't mind that. my cousin gave me an REI giftcard for xmas. it was an e gift card at that. convenient for her...and bought my REI membership finally.
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    I honestly prefer them from certain people lol. Like my MIL buys me the most random crazy things that I'll never use, I always prefer a gift card so I can get something I will actually USE. And my parents usually send gift cards too because of shipping costs and thats fine with me.

    I forgot to add that I'll buy gift cards too when I have NO clue what to get people.
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    I am only a fan of gift cards for things like wedding/baby showers simply because that way the person (or myself) can get those outstanding items that they need/have registered for. Otherwise I am not a big fan. I tend to use them for things I NEED not things I want and that is what gifts should be for the most part. I do give them all the time to the teenagers in my life though because who knows what their taste is going to be next week?!
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    i dont think it matters who or when you give a gift card.
    imo you make it personaly with which one you pick out and what you put it in.
    i love gift cards!

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    I like gift cards when it comes from people who dont really know what to get for me. I does sort of make things impersonal but, I would rather have a gift card that I can put towards something I want rather than having something that I will not use. I sometimes give gift cards but I try not to.
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    I am not a big fan of them. I prefer to give a person a physical gift. But don't get me wrong I like getting them.D
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    Oooh I wish I got them. Unfortunately, DH's family doesn't like giving them out... Their gifts are the ones I end up regifting every year.

    ETA: When I give them, I prefer to give specifically (like the movie theater) over something very generic (Wal-Mart).
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    I dont mind gift cards as long as they are the kind that does not have an expiration date on them.
    We got a gift card for his parents this year.
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