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Thread: Christmas eve traditions.....

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    Christmas eve traditions.....

    What are yours????

    We do the whole cookie and milk by the tree thing, put some reindeer food out on the lawn and ofcourse open up Christmas PJ's(kids only) and the ornaments that the IL's send...
    Josh and I will take in a Christmas movie on TV if we can find one we will both watch

    Thats really about it for us
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    We always bake cookies and listen to Christmas music.
    We open one present.
    This year dh and I are starting a new tradition and making a nice dinner with just he and I and the little one.
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    Santa cookies, putting out the Magic Key for Santa and leaving the reindeer food outside.. She'll then go up to bed and G will read her "Twas The Night Before Christmas".. (It's their thing)...

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    We have christmas snacks instead of dinner, and watch a christmas movie, spend
    time together, call my brother who has been in africa for the past 2 years
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    We eat junk food, watch crappy movies, the girls open their Christmas Jammies, we put out reindeer food, cookies for Santa, hot coco, carrots for Rudolph and track him on Norad.
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    A Christmas Movie and White Christmas on the tv. We either meet up with the in-laws or my folks depending on the year. We swap every year. Other than that, a few drinks, cuddles on the couch, do our Santa Claus thing and off to bed.
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    Growing up christmas eve we would get to open one present once everybody was home, then we would go to my grandma on my dads side for their christmas (They celebrated it there on christmas eve) and then christmas day would be with my grandma on my moms side.

    Which reminds me, I forgot to open my christmas eve gift before I left my grandma's

    be cool.
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    Watch a christmas special and exchange christmas ornaments ( its been our tradition since we first started dating).
    Please Remember to follow OPSEC!!!

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    My family does a huge christmas eve buffet so its very relaxed lost of family and food... And we do the yankee swap which is a lot of fun.
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    We baked cookies and the kids opened up Christmas Pjs NOT the ones they wore for the pics after tho b/c my mom accidentaly ordered Zach pink Pjs so we had him open them just to see his

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