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Thread: No, no! Let ME do it!

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    No, no! Let ME do it!

    My DH always sends his dad a check for Christmas - Dad is hard to buy for and has no hobbies.

    I asked DH tonight if he sent the check and he said "I thought you were going to do that."

    Really?? It's not MY dad! I said "I did all the shopping, wrapping, shipping, baking, decorating . . .you can take care of one little check!"

    Silly men.
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    My husband does that to me all the time. His parents birthdays are both in July and I was going through a really rough time at that time, so DH said, "Don't worry about it... I will take care of everything."

    Yeeeeeeah..... they got nothing for their birthdays. I was so mad. I know it made me look bad and not him, because I'm always the one that takes care of it.
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    No No OP, Let me do it ... haha
    Im sorry, they just stop thinking that things they have done forever still need to be done when we come and help them with so much... Silly men, agreed!!

    Really we just do everything so well they are in an amazement gaze and forget haha... Im trying to make it seem better, HUGS
    Missing Him
    We're both in "a" desert on a mission

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