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    So I got J and his brother both this game called Left for Dead for the Xbox. he's been talking about it non-stop and his brother wants to get it too so they can play on Xbox Live. so as a surprise I bought them each a copy. J tells me today, Oh Rob might get the game from his girl and I think I'm gonna go buy it..............NOOOO Panic sets in . Um you might want to wait until after Xmas because didn't you say that your mom was gonna send you a Gamestop card? Also you dont wanna go to the stores right now in this madness, just wait after xmas. As for his brother? Well....lets just hope that his wifey saves the receipt if she does buy it for him .
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    Cant you call her and tell her? that would help! LOL I thought you were present snooping again LOL
    Are you scrappy enough for me

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