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    How many

    of you are having to spend christmas alone because your SO has duty on christmas day or do you have somewhere else you can go. My DS and I are staying put here christmas day unless my sister invites us to her house. I mean we will probably have our christmas dinner the day before or the day after. My DH is trying to find out if they are going to either let the duty sections for christmas day come in 2 hours later or either give them the day before off. I mean I know it doesnt sound fair to make the off going duty section stay longer but at least they will get to go home and be with their families, so I am kinda hoping they will let the on coming duty section for christmas day come in 2 hours late.

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    N's gotta work, we're spending the morning at his parents, but, I'm spending Christmas eve, and night by myself....just like last year
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    I'll be all alone with the kids like I have been for weeks. Yay.

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