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Thread: Starting an etsy shop?

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    Starting an etsy shop?

    So I've been thinking about starting an etsy shop. Doing things like headbands, hair clips, Designer baby wipe cases, yarn scarves, song lyric plates, and rope words. Anyone that has an etsy shop have any advice?? Everything has to be pre-order til i can get my supplies built up and then I can maybe have some on hand and ready to ship. What to you all think? good idea or not so good idea?
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    It will be hard to do pre-order with an etsy shop, because you need to be able to photograph things. Having beautiful pictures of the things you are selling is basically the number one criteria for etsy success. I would just buy what you can, and make things and then have them on hand to ship and keep adding inventory as you go. I have lots more advice, if you have any questions let me know.
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