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Thread: Marriage Certifcates/Like graphics

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    Marriage Certifcates/Like graphics

    So, the lovely Sam (PITA) gave me an idea to ask if people were interested in me making them something similar to the marriage certificate I made for her.

    Here are a few I made for her to pick from:

    If you're interested let me know!

    Basically, you' tell me what you wanted (colors, text, information, types of borders, background/no background, etc) and then I'd make the graphic and send you the file to take to print out somewhere (I'm going to look into doing my own printing/mailing, but it'd be way more expensive so I figured I'd just send people the files).

    I have a few questions, though. If you're interested if you could please answer them for me:
    1. How much would you be willing to pay for the graphic?
    2. How long would you be willing to wait?

    I could also make things like baby shower invites, birthday invites, and other graphics for you guys to use for things like that. Really, anything.

    So yeah. Thanks for taking the time and I hope people would be interested. I'm planning on moving to Japan for a few years to teach English and need to save money, I have a job for when I go home (Christmas, Summer) but my courses are too intense to find a job in Tallahassee, so I really could use the extra money (I'd like 5k saved before I get there, and it looks like if I don't spend ANY extra money I could have 3-4k).

    I hope some people are interested.
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    I would think between $5 $7 for the graphic, $15-$25 for it to be printed, shipped, or framed.
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    I'd be willing to pay you for the graphic for a baby announcement. I know Shutterfly and Visitprint are very affordable to print them. If I sent you a photo and you designed it, depending on how long it took you, I wouldn't mind paying like $20.

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